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Life In Punxsey Country

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One of the grettest places for trout in America is up in Cameron county, about nine nrles f rom the Sinnemahoning. It is a very roush country, full of gnats, mosquitoe3 ana rattH-snakes. but that is to be expoeted. Trout lo not care for poliahed society. In facft ï;i y are of a rather retiring nature and shrink from the fascinating stare of the dude, Wnüer Brown, Charley Bulduc and George Kurtz were up there last week fishin?. They caught trout to their hearts' content- all they wanted- and the largest ones they ever saw. A teninch trout was only ordinary. They could catch a basketful in half a day. Charley Bulduc was the most skilful manipulator of the hook and line, and, of course, carried off the honors and most of the trout. But I others didn't try very hard. They paid a dollar a day f board- aienu, bread and butter, rye cotee and bacon. Their landlord, a jolly old soul with a last vear's straw ht n straggly goatee and a general bent-over appearance, came in one morning with a large rattlesnake tied to a string. "Oh, let me kill it," said Walter Brown. in an excited tone. "I will slay it, tear off lts rattlea and go home and exhibit them as a trophy." "You kin hev it for a dollar 'n a half an' do what yer mind with it," answered the landlord. But Walter was a little short of change and concluded it wasn't worth


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