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Professors For A Cent

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A Register ri porter ealled at the School of Shörthand yesterday. He found Mr. O. R. Wagner, the principal in anything Imt ;i good humor. ín plain English, he wis mad, mad all over. He said that laí week he had taken an order to print some mimeograph circular letters and blanks for a certain firm in this city. Mr. Wagner had assured the gentleman who wished the work done that such letters could be mailed as printed matter. The order was then left for Mr. Wagner to print the letters and mail some two hundred of them to certain University Professors. As the circular letter contained a request for certain favors which the gentleman was asking from the Professors, he was very anxious that no mistake should be made that would cause extra postage charges. Mr. Wagner assured him that he had made especial inquines at the post office in regard to just such matter and he was positive that there was no doubt that matter printêd on the mimeograph was mail&ble as printed matte i1. You can imagine my utter disgust, said Mr. Wagner, when I learned yesterday that the mail carriers had been ordered to makc every professor to whom those circulara were addressed whack up one cent each before those letters were delivered to them ! I am wondering what the gentleman who left the work here will say when he returns and learns what has been done. I rather suspect that there will be some decidedly vigorous Anglo-Saxon language heard down in the vioinity of the Ann Arbor post office. I know, continued Mr. Wagner, that we do the best mimeographing and typewriting in the state and do [a vast'amount of it, but it never oecurred to me that Mr. Beakes, who by the way is a printer, and who is supposed to know printing when he sees it, would make such a blunder and cali our printed work typewriting. Hereafter I suppose that the only safe way for all who want imitation typewriter work done, although it cannot be done so good as we can do it, will be to have it printed at Mr. Beakes' office with the Argus imprint upon it and then there wil be no mistake aboutjt.


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