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A Rogue Elephant

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Fro7n the J.ladras Standard. DuriTig a recent religious festival at Alvartirunagari, on the banSs of the Taniiiranijni, a terribly tragedy was enacteöby an elephant. Like most large tempes this has its periodical festivals, one ot whic has just been celebrated. Cert&m elephants were brought down irom Jünnguneri and Tinnevelly for the fesüvaöes of the occasion. All wet smooüaly till, unfortunately, the large elephant of Nunguneri. being in a rut, run imriir'k. The mahout unwittingly Ifcook trj a little child (son of the Temple DarmaSsau-iha) and placed it in iront of urn ea, the neck of the e!cphant. AlarmfaS at the state of the ephant, the ansJfcoot endeavored to quietly pass the chili out of danger by handing it to soiBB&ody behind. He was not quick enostigh to elude the sagacity of the lejürmt, which snatched up the child, pul it into his mouth, an4 began nrnmchïng it. The mahout, horrified at fcte sight, jumped down and tried to exfcricate the child, which he sacoeeded ín dolng, but not before the child was well nigh dead. Indeed, it only breathed for a few minutes afterward, and then expired. Enraged beyond all fcounds, the animal became furious, and in its mad rage seized the mahout, dashed him to the ground, and then irampled out any little breath that ïnight have still remained in the body. And here comes a strange and tcuching incident. Repenting seemingly of his awful misdeed, the elephant gathered up what was the moment before his master, proceeded to his (the mahout's) house, and, depositing his mournful trarden at his door, passed on. The people generally, in great dread, closed their doors and Windows. The elephant wildly rushed along the streets and carne to the temple, the door of which, too, had been closed. It thereupon battered the door, and passing into the endosure, furiously attacked the little elephant of Tinnevelly, which it pierced with its tusks and soon killed. Emerging thence, the elephant rushed madly along the river close by, where it began throwing mud and sand aii over itself. In the meantime, the pólice constables had got their muskets loaded, and, climbing out of danger, took potehots at the furious animal, which they ventually succeeded in disabling and aJtiniateiy killing.


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