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Chased By A Rattler

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San Francisco Examlner: S. P. Paxton, of Ukiah, had an engagement with a huge rattlesnake recently, from the effects of which he is not as yet out of danger. Paxton was on nis way to a ranch which he owns about flve miles from this city. Always on the watch for something to add to hls already large collection of nests, blrds and animáis, he discovered what he supposcd to be a huge bird's nest. Dismounting, he crawled on hls hands and knees through the chapparal, and vas about to reach for the supposert nest when the thing, giving no warning but a hiss, struck at Mr. Paxton, but feil short. Paxton turned and made nis way out of the chapparal as fast as possible, with the snake after him. On emerglng from the chapparal Paxton started on a run for his horse, secured his rifle and shot the snake. It was a long time before the gentleman could calm himself so that he could taks measurements. The snake was fie feet four inches in length, and was as large as a man's leg. It had eighteen rattlers and a button, and is the largast that has been killed in the valley. Considering that Mr. Paxton has only ane arm to battle with, it is marvelous that he escaped as well as he did. He is still quite prostrated, and will be inore careful in the future.


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