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PINEOLA COUGH BALSAM is excellent for all throattuftammatloaa a ml SIrÍillN(faiiMMW ibatési lic i-oHitli. SaMliSrS'BSv'VvBÊ re riders ex portoi - üni'KÍVVW.a!eP ittoneiisy.assistffijlril MrBKtftrSWr inft nilture In '''" Bumptlon who are only sufferlng from n chronic cold or deep seated cougli, often agmravated by catarrh. Fi r catarrh usö Ely s Cream Balra. Both remedies are pleasani to use. Cream Balm, 80c. per bottle; Pineola Balaam, 85c. at Dragglsto. In quantities 01 $2.;iO wlll dellver on receipt of amount. ELY BBOTHEK8, 56 Warren St., New York. WANTED SALESMEÑÜ 1 twi)OOMKNin eachOounty totake orders for a Cholee line of Nt RSEBÏ STOCK EKD POTATOKS. Stock and Beed gnaranted. We can glve yon seij ■:■ ■! tuciii uil ii ;mI l'ay. lt wlll oost you iiotfiinft to glve it a trial. State when writlng wliich you prefer to solt. Address The Hawks Nursery Co., Rochester, N. Y. cheaF excürsions VIA Missouri Pacific Ry. AND Iron Mountain Route, TO THE West, South and South West, Lcuxls Tor Sale Jn Arican sa. Texas, and-Pecas Vallev N. M. Through Pullman Buffet And Tonrist Sleepers To Texas and California, Daily From Chicago. WRITE TO H. D. ARMSTRONG, T. P. A.( Mo. Pac. Ry. JACKSON, ni'H. _ _ ■ - , á JUST RECEIVED! A New Invoice of I TOOTH I BRUSHES The are of Good Qualitij and cheap. Fuiiy Warrmüed to stand tho wear and tear They are Beauties to look at, too. I B. & M. DRUG STORE, 46 SOUTH STATK ST. 1 ,000,000 People Wear W.i])ottglassaocs ppnrrss. JodWORLD. $5.oo $3-00 $4.00 mfê $2.50 $3.50 %Jfa $2.00 $2.50 $1.75 pK jÊJÊt ForBoys For Men _W 5 a.Hl YOUÜIS SSofifwiÏÏi ÏMWbi. locltToN.Mia3. SoWby WM. BKWHABT. CESSÍOOLS - AND - WATER-CLOSETS CLEANEI). Cess-Poola 2i cents per cubic foot. doeeta 3 cents per eubic toot, op by the job. f;(.o ii-i. Sdtisaction (iuarJACOB BEX, ' Betvveeu U. C. Depot aud ivt'r. (JROSSMAN & fiCHLENKER ''■ " 5JOUES s ANO (yJÚ Wií í} Best it? tl?e Z3 UOF{CD . OVER ONE STOVES ASO- HARDWARE. io West Liberty Street. THE riETROPOLITAN LIVERY EVEKYTHING PEKFI5CTLY ME. PROMPT ATTEHTION TO ALL ORDERS. jéjijk COUPES, HACKS, i W CARRIA6ES BRAND NEW 'I Val A and at reasonable rates. Horses boarded and well eared for. WILL OPEN SEFT. l#t. Remember the place and time of open.I.OIK.l.'N LIVERY, Phone. 143. Cor. HUÍ and E. Unlv, Are. BICYLE REPAIRING NEW SHOP FINE TOOLS SKILLED WORKMEN PRICES MODERATE All Kinds of Machine Work ! Electrical Apparatus, Suröical, Dental and Scientific Instruments MADE - OR - REPAIRED Lawn MowersSharpened and Repaired. Dies and Moulds. A. HUNTER, P'i 9 E. LIBERTY ST. lFthFdogs DO THE BARK ING. You won 't have to, If you'll keep package of Sibley and Holmwood's Cougti Drops Handj . A 3 ounce package for S Cents. You can get them at I. E. MUMMERY'S Drug Store. WASHINGTON BLOCK. TRUCK AND STORAGE PARCEL DELIVERY. C. E. GODFREY. Besidence and Office, 1,8 Fmtrth-Ave., rUl.HI'HO.NK 82. BASQUHE TRAeTlÖN ENeME Needs no water hauler, no coal, woodor straw No steam, smoke, sparks or ashes. GAS AND GASOLINE ENGINE CO., I CINCINNATI, O.


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