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v- dSfaE' Corripíciní is MgDíarrhcEa Dr.Bayer'sCOLíC DROPS Warraoted or money refunded. I Mfd. by The Hay or Med. Co., Toledo, O ADIRONIA ,, ■■!■. TRADE MARK ■ Wheeler'sn jyerve POSITIVELY CURE9 HEART DISEASE, EPILEPSY, Nervous Prostration, Sleeplcssnc- urid uil dernnstemeBta et tlie Ncr oiiB 8ysteiii - Unexcelled for Restless Babier. FurWj Vee'lable,guraiit--l fres Irom opiute. IOO lull alxe lvi "■. M H. Kiiili-v. KirciviníT Tillcr, GWwd Baplds. Mic-li . Savinií-. Bank, ays he cannot ;iy too ínmli in favor nf "Adlronda." Wheelers Heart und Xerve Cure. I-or Sal" Hy all nnisrírlt.. W. H. BUTLER, 16 E. Hnron-st., A N ARBOR, 'III II i'.crttary and Tnoêurir Nut Savings ana Loa Aêtociatin, MONEY TO LOAN. %4ÜMtl yonnf men lol womca'to malnUIn thcnstlTC IA liíeprnaúiee. montj ml .MumiilMe '. B"'! 8b.rTb.od, renman.bip, EdjIUIi .od! "■ Dmartmcpta. Thoroajh iTKm of counting hu tul boslú #:í;eAvuEti:r?ol''ul-r.In?s1eStar,: prr REVIVO Mi f4Sk, RESTORES VITALITY. fíLÍfc Madea "''ay-JiWel1 Man ISthUay. 11'YW of Me. THE GREAT 3oth tay. FRENCH H.uaVEIÏI3"Sr proilui-es the almvr results in 3O day. It arts ..owcriully and qntokly. CureB wheu all othere fail VumiKmen willregain their lost manhood.and old men will recover their youtbiul vmor by usini! KKVIVO. It quickly aud Burely restores Ncrvousness LoBt Vitality. Impotency. NJghtly Emisslons, Lost Power. Failing Memory. Wantinu DiBeasee. and all effects of selfabuBe or excexe and iodieeretion. bich unats one for s'iuly. business or marriane. It not only cureB by startmR at ttie ft-at of dinease. bnt isagreat nervetonio and blooil builder. bringing back tbe pink (fw pale cheeksandro Btoring tbe firc f youth. It wards olí Jnsanity and Con8Umption. InBist on bavinjr KKVIVO. no other. It can be carried in vest pocket. By mail. #1.00 per package. or siz lor Wfi.OO, with a posl tlve writtii guarantee to core o" refund the money. Circular íree. AddreM HOYAL MEDICINE CO.. 63 River St., CHICAGO. If For sale at Anu Vrlior, nicli., by EberIiikIi nrnK Co. nfnl CURES ALL KINDS OF Headache, Neuralgia, insoiim'Hi, RELIEVES QCICKLY .r,i. Bheumatic JJ(iins l'llicii SS BNTS. . mmn wncox compouno TAN$YPULS M BEWARE OF COlSTEHtW. M The ..iily ufe and always r m (.,r l.acli.-s. Accept n" worthleps aml danM gering liultatlnns. Save uidney am' uaTa m lT.-alil! by laklngnotliliiitliut the "''?""; m Inc and oriitliia. IVllcux ComiKjiinjl Taiy m IMlls. in metal boxes ln-arlng shleld trade ■V mark. j.rlce 12.00, all drugglsts. bend ets. iur Woman'aBafeOuard, swurely malledii.cov PEt'iriC CO., 228 Noulli Klclilli Ntreel. Pltll.. " ' About Knives. A cheap Poeket-knife can be bought at every Store, but it is not the kind jou want. One dollar is the lowest price that a really good knife can be sold for. This iloumn is placed in this paper to adveri e the very best Pocket-knife ever sold. It is J. C. Tidmarsh's Sheffield Steel Knife. # Never buy a knife only because it looks well. If blades are not the best Sheffield steel they will soon bend. no matter how they will look. Still, you want a tine-looking knife. The United States law provides that only samples to agents and to the trade will be admitted free of duty. You can, therefore, see the a-ivantage that I have in sending sacpes to agenta over those who deal in Sheffield goods in America. I am an advertising agent! I am eotrusted with a certain amourt to spend advertising these knives (the best value ever seen in America at One Dollar each). Now, the knife is its own best advertisement. Imagine a Pocket-knife (3 inches long) with the most beautifully-grainea vory handle- genuine African ivory mand with two blades of the very best Sheffield steel that will last a lifetime and cut like a razor. The tips of the handles are heavily plated with sterling 8ilver. And then a very nice chamois leather case goes with each knife. Now, .vould it not be easy work selling this knife at One Dollar each? I know it would, for it looks as if it were worth two dollars. And so it is if you compare it with the value offered in the ordinary Store. Is not this knife its own best adver tisement. You can make $4 per day selling tl.e-e knives. This is a genuine and Btraigtforward statement. This is counting that you show it to only twelve buyers every day. And every one that sees it will say it is a good value for $1. The knives are sold to you at $8 per dozen ; you sell them at $1 each. # I determined to use large sum of adviii.-ang money entrusted to me in sending out free samples to those who promise to act as agents for the sale of these knives I will send you a free sample, but you must sign the promise at the foot of this column, and make a deposit to show that in asking for the knife you are acting in good faith The deposit that I ask of you is 4 cents about half the wholesale cost ot the knife, and less than one-third what you would have to pay for a knife lika it, if you bought one. Send the money by a Postal Order or one-cent stamps for 44cts., and put a five-cent stamp on the letter, whieh must not weigh more than one-half ounce. Ttie deposit of 44 cents wil] be placed to your credit, and will be deducted from your first order at the dozen rate. I am an advertising agent, contractor and publisher with one of the largest Advertising businesses in the world,and absolutely guarantee to send, postage paid and duty free, the knife described Iabove free to anyone who signs the promiso below, and 6ends it with the deposit as stated. Let me advise you not to part with your sample, even if you should lose a sale at $1 by refusing, as it will take time to replace it. I couli not send you another even if you sent the full$l. After the sample they can only be suppliedtoyouby the dozen as there is duty on them to bo paid. Any English Banker can give yon Information about my high standing, or write to the publisher of this paper, who knows that I do a large and straightforward advertising business. and that I do exactly as I say. I have taken this pace in this paper for three years ! The first one answering this advertisement after this number of the paper has come out will, if he likes, have his name printed in this space as agent for these knives. The Editor of the Sprinyfield (Onio) New Era writes, in his paper of June 29, 18&4: - "I have received a sample knife from Mr. Sears, and am very mnch pleased with it. He is the owner of a verv large advertising business in London, and is, I believe, perfectly responsible and straightforward." Sign your name and address to the following, cut it out and send it with Postal Order or stamps for 44 cents, and you will receive by return of post the beautiful knife as described above, F. W. 8EABS, Adv ertibing Agent and Contractos, Wholesale Kxife Ad krtikinh; Depaktment, 138 ! 'i.i i :t Street, London. Dear Sir, - I faithfully promise on my and honour to show the Sample Knifa you have promised to send me to one or of my friends, théreby constitutlng myself ;m .rent. This will me "in the trade" as far as Focket-outlery is cascerned. By thii promise I amentltled to a aaraple ol your beautiful Dollar knife with cbatnois leather case, to be s?nt me post-paid and duty free. I also endose 41 ic-nts Postal Order or StMBps, which please hold for me until I send you an order at tho dozen rate. Xamc Address Addreax all letters to F. W. 5EARS, Wholesale Knile Adivertisement Dept. 128 FLEKT ST. LONDON ENG


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