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It Was Instinct Alone

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Thaáness is tusiness," snys the man vowcd to that life, and so it is unflirestíonably, bu.1 ei,ually, personality ís perswnality. U . . !-g the latter out of tnsideration wíl] throw business ealcuíations as fai as tnose of tbe astronomi r who does not allow tor pt-sial equ Uions. This the successftij of affairs fully unders tanda. Wbca it can be recognizeti tliere is nc'hntg more interesting wütching thr ictual consultation of a business iaaa with the promptincs of his owji "9ts:Vs equations. Such power of conF'lt:íi r ia not possessed by all and ís rn'.sirCiile with many of those who hav-e ÏL I rei-rober hearing a young business mat Wibe such a rare revelation in an interview with an older business friend known as the keenest financier. Th fícpsition which the young man had to present was reasonable, seemfngly sure of sucesá, and he himself believed in it enthusiastically. "1 lakt it before the oíd fellow," he said, one by one meeting and explaining the vexed points he raised. He ceasw! questioning me finally because the patent valué of the propositlon seemed proved so far as words go. He nodded armation as each heading was checked off. I felt emboldened to ask: 'What do you think of it, sirT And then I saw a curious sight. The oíd fellow sat motionless, looking away into space. his blue eyes firowing innocent and far away as a child's who is listening for a distant and familiar voice. i could have sworn he heard somelhing which I did not. Finally he turneó to me with a smile and shook his liead. 'I can't exactly believe in your plan,' he said. I sat staring at kim. I knew. and he knew. that his reason was convinced; it was an instinct alone that held the old man back - an instinct in which he supersiUinusly tnisted and on which he obsthrately acted. It was the most extraordinary thing I ever saw. The more so that events have proved the warning voice gave him a private informatinn which ■was more than correct. The plan failed dismally, as I too well know." Extraordinary or not, those who come in contact with successful business men will see the same phenomenon repeated over and over in greater or less degree. CaTl it a genius for affairs or what you wil!, this curious power of divination remains still as unexplained a mystery as any other kind of second sight.


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