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Between tne passenger ornees or tn Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis railway and the freight depot there is a little spot of green sward that the public has few opportunities of observing A tall fence shuts off the view from the street, so that it is only when the larg gate has been left open through misUke that passersby get a chance to see t:,e little park. Several days ago the gat-? was standir.g open and two coun'.rymen who h: ppened to be passing stopped for a cu'ser inspection. "What do you suppose that's for?" d one. 'Don't know, unless it"n where the til e railroad grazes its stoK," was the rply. Tshaw; railroads dort have nc siock," said the other in .üsgust. "You bet they do," sa. i the com p.tnion, "because I read in a papel anout them watering their stock, and 1 S icss stock has got to ea. as well as d ink."


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