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"You know," said a discerning gentleman to an Atlanta Constitutlon reporter, "lt used to be said that a man who carries a cañe every day was an ldler, a dawdler - worthless for all practical purposes.. If you'll let me see how a fellow handles a cañe, 111 teil you whether he is worthless or not. It's not in the fact of carrying a cañe, but how it is carrled that the significance Hes. When a man comes into my office with a cañe in nis hand I watch him closely. If he sits and twirls lt idly and aimlessly about on his fingers. he 's a worthless idler. But if he walks In, puts it up against the wall and proceeds to business, there is something in him. You may hope for him. If he holds it flrmly while he is talking to you and does not twlrl it about, he's all rlght. The lellow who plays with hls cane, swings it around. marks figures on the carpet with it, punches the furnlture with the tip, isn't fit for much else. Yes, a decent, hardworklng fellow can carry a cane all the time, and they do so, manr of them, and the act does not indícate that they are idlers. But the fellow who goes around swinging hls rane and playing with it is a nuisance anywhere you put him."


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