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"- - y For THIRTY-FIVE YEARS have maintained their superiority íor Quality of Metal, Workmanship, Uniformity, Durability. Sample card, 12 PENS, different numbers, íor all styles of writing, sent on receipt of CENT8 in postage stamps. SPENCERIAN PEN CO., 45O Broome St., New York. For sale at Hansterfer's. 2 IN HALF To the South The loul.vlll. & Nashvlll Rallroad will Keil tickets on dates and under conditions as below mentioned, at One Sinoi.b Fake fok the Round Tkip, and one-way tickets at about one-half the usual rate. DATES for the " of tickets wil1 Jnne M" ' fcO u, July 5, August 7, September 4 Bnd October 2, 1895. Tickets will be sold for the Regular Trains starting from Cincinnati, loirisville, Evansville and st. Louis, and from t-tations of our Connectinp Lines in the North to connect with those trains. Tickets good to return within 20 days. POINTS to wllich ' "kcls wiI1 be sold are u-" ' the principal Cities, Towns and Villages in the States of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Full information cheerfully furnished upon application to JAGKSON SHITH, Div. Pass. Agt., Cincinnati, 0. CP. ATMORE, Gen'l Pass. Agt., Louisïille, Ky. PW SEWING MACHINES POPULAR? BECAUSE LADIES BUY LIKE thew AND TELL JjffiÜo Many ladies have used our machines twenty to thirty yeara in theirfamily work, and are still using the original machines we furnished them a generation ago. Many of onr machines have run more than twenty years without repairs, other xhan needies. With proper care they never wear out, and seldotn need repair. We have built sewing machines for more than forty years and have constantly improved them. We Iwild our maeliitics on honor, and they are recognized everywhere as the most accurately fittL-d &nd nnely finished sewing machines in the World. Our latest, the " No. 9," is the result of our long expericnce. In 00111petition with the leadme machines of the workl, it receiyed the Grand Prize at the Paris Exposition of 1889, as the best, other machines receiving only compliiiientary medals of gold. sil er and bi Grand Prize was wliat all sought for, and our machine v:i awarded it. -nd for our illustrated catalogue. We want dealers in all uaoccupied territory WHEELER ft WILSON MFG. CO, ■85 4 137 Wtt A3H MVE.. CHAGO. EWIS' 98 % LYE k g P0TÍSBB) AOT PïEfraiB ■ are Hways rcady lor T Win M ne the beet perfuuinl Hard Boaa lpaomlnuu without bolllnr. mg It I tlie bt furcliatislng waatê WMlúng botUo, palnu, trees, oaT MË PÏHHA. 8ALT M'FO CO. ♦ ■■■i Ön.At., PUU., P. BUSIFJESS CARDS. r K. WILLIAMS, Attorney at Lw, Mlla, Mlili. Money loaned for outside parties.All legal business given prompt attention. W. S. MOORB, DENTIST ! Work done In all forma of modern dentistry. Cronn ai d Bridge work aspecialty. Satisfactlou Guaran teed. (U. of M. Gradúate.) 26 South Main St„ ■-■AM Arbor WM. W. NIC HO LH, Dental Parlors ! OVEB SAV1XGS BANK OPPüSITE COVRT HÜVSE HQVABE. ARTHUR J KIT SON, Contractor and Bu Ider ! Estimates furnlshed on all Vinde of Archltec ture. Residence and Shop, 21 Geddes-ave. Choice Meats Cor. Wmthlngton-Ht., and Flfth-ave Our aim is to pleue our cuetomers by always bandling the erv Choicebt Meat thatthe market aOords. J. J. FURGUSON, Jobber and Builder. Etlmates Given on Short Notlcc, Bepuiriiig, Bebuildiug and Jobbing a Specialty. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO SHOP AND IIIMIPIM li. 16 W, Suromlt St„ Ann Arbor, MlcliOil and Gasoline Brought to Your Door Without bothering to crder every time you are out. Drop a Postal Card, Or cali upon me at S. W. Corner of E. Washing ton and S Fiith-ave. aud leave your order and I will keep you supplied at kiwest rates. 'i. .■ i.i. JOHN BAUMQARDNER, Dealer in American and' Imported QRANITES ! and all kindt of BUILDING STONE! Cemetery Work A SPECIALTY Corner of Detroit nd Catherine te. ANN ARBOR, MICH. ü. OF M. SHAYING PARLORS .Nli BATH KOOtls. Ladies' Artistic Kair Dressing and Bath Rooms UP STA1RS. SO S. State Si., Next to Sheehan's. Uil. & il KS. J. R. TIKIJIMIHSkl Speakitig of l. PANTS. fè Do you waer fm them: We mak e SÊ. $3 TO $10 SJ l'h illi Nr"1 I JOHN BYERS.Agt, V Mw Ann Arbor, Mich, I si RINSEY & SEABOLT HO. 6 and 8 Washington St. Have always on hand a complete Stock of everything in the GROCERY LINE Teas, Coffees and Sugar All prime articles bought for cash and can sell at low figures. Our frequent Targe invoices of Teas is a sure sign we ive bargains in Quality and Prices. We roast our om coffees every week always fresh and good. Our baker turns out the very best of Bread, Cakes and Crackers, ('all and see us. HASKIN5' LIVERY Feed and Boarding StaWe. tí W. A XX STREET. ''ir ringen to lel. .;■■.■,■ boardtd al reasonabU Xêptetal eart tatm U kttj „ good COME AND SEE US H „ tiPS WHü't ALL ELSeTaiLÍ) IT M Best CnuKb Syrup. Tasten Oood. Ck M _JjJ_in tlaif. ..U) by OnJlfglgtw tti


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