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He Found Out

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"If you don't object, I'd like to ask you sunthin'," sald an oíd man with a cañe and satchel, as he stopped a policeman on Monroe avenue. "Ask your question," was the reply. "I live up in Macomb county, and I have a son Bill who comes here purty often. The last time he was here he come home with his coat ripped up the back and dead broke, and said a policeman had given him the collar." "Well?" "Wall, what did h". git?" "He gót the collar, probably, just as he said." "But what is the collar? That's what I want to ask." "Why. he was probably half tight and whooping along the street, and an offlcer took him by the collar - this way - and gave him a shake - that way - and rattled his heels together - just so - and "Say, hold on!" shouted the old min, as he picked up his satchel and cane nd worked himself down into his coat. "What's the matter?" 'Tve found out all I want to know! f Bill got that kind of a collar and was ocked up and fined $5 to boot, 111 go ïome and raise his wages $4 a month nd give him every Saturday for a holi day."


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