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Creditors nm better memories than debtors. - Ex. Flatliead Valley, jflontana. Farming land producing all thestaple crops without irrigation. Forest of pine, fir and oedar. Mines of precious metáis and coal. Delightful and healthful climate. Adapted to live stock and dairying. Unexcelled water aupply ánd power. No extremes of temperature. Market faoilities. Homes for all. For further information, address C. E. Conrad, Kalispell, Mont. Eat uring Hot WeatlierDr. Martin' Itoral Breaklast Food, It Picase tlie Falate. A phosphate nerve and brain invigorating food without the heating properties of oatmeal, etc, requiring the life and strength of many pounds of choice wheat to obtain one package. Well people like it, and the siek can eat it when nothingr else will agree with them. Saves labor, time and fuel. Drink Dr. Martin 's Nervine Coffee. For sale by Stimson, State Street. - The old story of Protnetheus is a parr;ble.' n allegory. Prometheus was on terms of Intiraaey with the gods. From them he etole fire, and gave it to men. For this sin he was bound to the rocks of Mount Caucasus, and vultures were set upon hira. They only ate bis liver. This grew again as fast as it was pecked away. Are his sufferings to be imagined? Yes, and realized. Takc a modern interpretaron of the parable. There is no cookiti without fire. In cooking and eating the mischief lies. The stomach is overtasked, the bowels become clogged, thcy cannot dispose of the food that is givcn thein. The impurities back tip on the liver. Then come tb,e vultures. The sufferings from an outside, visible hurt, are a rucre pin-scratch to the tormunts of a diseased liver. But, modems are ahead of the ancients. There is a sequel to the old story. Dr. Pierce is the author. His " Golden Medical Discovery " is more than equal to the vultures of dyspepsia and its kindred diseases. Every atom of the " Discovery " is an active agent against disease. It flies like a ferret, wherever it is sent. It is as sure as the needie of the compass. There is no more need of suffering from dyspepsia than there is of hanging one's self. Mr. W. Rogers. of 507 Gravson S., Louisville, Ky. has tbis to say for himsclf aud the " Golden Medical Kiscovcry": " I was a dyspeptic. I had not had a confortable niglit in six ycars. I have taken three bottles of Dr. Pierce's Goldeu Medical Discovery. I am now fifly years old. I fcel Ihirty years younger." Yours truly. Srud 21 cents in one-cent stamps to Dr. R. V. Pierce. Buffalo, N. Y., and get Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser. It is a book of 1008 pages, profusely illustraied. It will give you complete knowiedge of the human system in plain words.


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