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There is a inoveinent on foot to oyoanize a voung men's club here. It la proposecTto have a reading room, gymnasium, etc, in connection. A good thing: push it along. The piece of petrified wood f rom Arizona, that has been exhibited at the Savin-s Bank for some timo, has been hio-hly polished by John Baumgardner, of'A.nn rbor. The color is very beautiful and it adds much to the appearance of the specimen. Walter Dancer, of Lima, has bought a house and lot in Ann Arbor and will move there this f all. We don't know who the Dexter correspondent of the Ann Arbor Argus is but it is rather amusing to note how regularlv and completely, errors. and all, The Leader's local and personal ítems are reproduced in the Argus' Dexter column. The correspondent has our thanks for her appreoiation of our work. ,., i ik G A Peters has on exhibitionii 1b. potatoes Rural New Yorker. No. 2 and wants to know what farmer can beat them. Manchester Enterprise. That husking beo at Win. Henson's last Friday nigbt was a great success. About ;iO persons in all partioipated and many worked hard. There were only lf acres of land but 238 bushels of corn were husked, a yield of 13B bushels to the acre and it was splendid corn. A supper was served about 10 o clock. We learn that Village Treasurer Stinkohl succeeded in collecting the entire tax assesse.d this season, quite an unusual thing. Saline Observer. G J Nissly ships another car of pouitry f rom Bridge water to New York todav. lrving Corbett goes with the car. TMs is Irving's third trip thie fall. L. R. Mead and wiie, of San Francisco, Cal., have been spending a portion of the week with reiatives here. ■ Highway Commissioner, Ben Monroe, last Friday tinished the thiee iron bridgea which have so long been hanging- tire. The delay was caused, by strikes at the bridge factories. Ypsilanti Sentinel. Carda are out for the marriage of Miss Lillian May Fisk, of this city and Barrat Robison. of New York, which will take placo Monday next at the home of ttie bride's parotits, 71 7 Lowell-st Mr. and Mrs. Robison will be home at 230 W. Korty-third-st., New York, after November 1. Ex-State Senator. David G. lloss, died Monday night at his residence in Sharon township, after a Hngerinsf illness from dropsy. lío was born in Sharon, Ct., and with his parents removed to Sharon in 1833, where at the ao-e of 15, at the doath of his father, he was Ie ft to built up the home, being the only son. Thomas Finney, a Lake Shore brakeman well know'n among the railroad employés here as a memoer of Conductor Boots' crew, was killed at Albion yesterday, by falling between two freight cars and bsingrun over. Mias Mildred Fleming, of Adrián. who is well and fasrably known in this city, will be married Oetober 23, to Eugene Zeloff, of Toledo. The State Board of Correction and Charities recommends the observance of Oetober 27th as "Prison Sunday.'' James L. HUI, is one of the latest Ypsilantians to pay County Clerk Dansingburg a dollar for the privilege of getting married. His choice is Sophia Barker also of this city. The reslgnation of ltev. H. NL. Morey annomioed several weeks ago, was aocepted by the Presbyterian society Sundav. Next Sunday he will exehangè pulpits witli a olergytnan rom Alma and the following Sunday preach his (arewell sermón. Han-y Camp is pi-oud of a new daughter that oame to him Friday night. Ypsilanti Commercial. Wednesday afternoon a yoüng man of this city went to the County OlerK s office at Anu Arbor to get a marriage Qcense. The Clerk made a mistake, and gave him a lieense to hunt deer. After the knot was tied some one protested, and said he did not have the proper license paper. "'Here it is. said the young man, as he handed it out "But'that's a license to hunt deer,said his frieni. "Well, goh daag it, he replied, "I guess the clerk knows what he's about; I've hunted for thla ■de(e)ar" for the past year. and I ham t ffoin" to let no pot-nunter steal my D igame. Who says that editors haven't both musclö and grit? M. T. Woodruff of ThoSüiitinel rode 103 miles on his bicyele last Sunday. E. 8. Reed, of the. Commercial, started ye3terday lor an extended western and soathern trip. During ais absence H. T. Coo will be the man lo see if you want to whip the editor. l 'IIÜLSEA HERALD. Burglare paid this villege a visit last Tuesday night, and the following stores were entered: J. W. Bei ry;W. ). Knap:), hardware; tioay & Holmes, hardware. A number of revolvers aod knives were taken fi-om .1. V. Ktiüpp2 hardware, while oniy the d rawers in the other two e rifled, and they contained but a few peur Mr. Michael Marrinane, an old resident ■ i.ake. died, alter a long full iliness, Tuesday, ( 1895, His funeral v U I be held fro Mary's Church, Chelsea, next Priday, Oct.ll, at 10:30 a. in. Hiram !


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