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Making Cement

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S. D. S. would like to be told how to make cement that, when dry, becomes hard like stone. Answer: This depends somewhat on the use to be made of the cement. For areaways, walks, etc, one of the best mixtures is one part of Portland cement and three parts of good, clean sand. The sand must be free from earth and vegetable matter, and of such a quality that water will run from it nearly clear. Mix the cement and sand thoroughly by sifting or shoveling, then put into a box and very quickly wet it thoroughly, so that it will be of the consistency of good, stift' mortar. It must be used at once, for it sets almost as quickly as piaster of Paris. It takes some hours, possibly some days. to become thoroiTghly dry. While it is still damp, if a flner finish is required, mix cement with an equal quantity of sanĂ¼ and put on an outer coat and allow tnls to dry. A thin covering of pure cement and water, about as thick as stiff batter, makea a finish almost equal to earthenrare. Properly made and worked, this ccpient will stand heat and frost withmjury. It should, however, be thorougnly dried before winter.


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