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"beware!" Said William

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A very íunuy young tellow named William Riggs thought it would be fun to scare four young women who were in the habit oí riding by moonlight on their wheels in the smooth road in the vicinity of Delphi, N. Y. He had made a long white costume and a hideous mask. Mounted on stilts he appeared twelve feet high, and he waved his ghastly arm and in a sepulchral tone moaned, "Beware!" One of the young women feil off of her wheel in a faint, two of them broke all world's records for the distance, but Miss Grace Holden, a 17-year-old beauty from Jersey City, gracefully dismounted from her "bike," picked up a large stone, and, as she threw it, said: "If you are a ghost this will go through you, and if you are a foolish, masquerading boy it will hurt you." And that is how it happened that Willie Riggs has three broken ribs


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