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Miss Batcheldor, '96 Kt. is precept ness at Miland. Gerry W. Messing-er, '95, ís located in Grand Rapids. Miss Mario O'Mera, '98 Ut, is teach! intr in Marinette, Wis. Miss Grube, '96 lit Is teacning n tho 5th w&rd school of this city. Rao Hodrick, '90 lit. is teaching mathematics in Cheboyran, Wis. Miss Maude Colby, ;i)(i lit. is ta postgraduate work bere this yea: Mr. C. F. Wcisor, '96 lit, who s teaching Germán in the Detroit schools attondod tho Schoolmaster's club. Mrs. Prof. Waite gave a very pleasant roception last Saturday afternoon at lier homo on Olivia Place, to thirtyfive or forty University girls who spent the vacation in Ann Arbor. Mr. Frank Mert:;, principal of Mt Clements High School, and Mr. Wra. Mertz who iá teaching in Detroit v, ero in tovvn last week attending the Sehoolmaster'sclub. The all freshmun team met anothcr defeat thanksgiving day. This time it was at tho hands of the Toledo high schuol. Two twenty minute halves wero playod on a slippery field and the score at the end was 8 to (i in favor of Toledo. The Womcn's League endeavoréd to make tho vncation of its members who Htaycd in Ann Arbor as pleasantspossiblc!. Mrs. Prescott, Mrs. Soule, Mrs. Hutchins, and Mrs. Waite entertained tho gh-ls attheir homes in Priday evenIng, and Saturday afternoon receptions. We kívo below this veek's program for tho Alpha Nu meeting. College yai-n, H. Paul; impromtu, Mr. Coon: Sybil, Mr. Bachmeister; debate, solved. That the soholar enter politics," affirraative, Messrs. C. Simmons, O Ohlinger and D. Hoppe, negative, Messrs. R. Admas, Webster and Fiebach ; critic's report. . . It was also announcecl that Chicago had consented to withdraw the question first proposed for the intercollegiate debate and had instead submitted the following which Michigan will accept. "Resolved that the British system of cabinet government is better adapted to democratie institutions than the American system of presidential government. " A large crowd went to see Leiand Povvers Monday night, The principie part of the entertainment consisted in the rendering of "Lord Chumbley" which Mr. Powers did in a way that held his audience spellbound. After this selection carne a short story from Richard Davis to illustratc the truc and falsc in Oratory. The S. L. A. is to be cangratulated on the success of this entertainment. The next entertainment on the S. L. A. Conree will bc given hy the Ladies Symphony Orchestra, of Boston, on Friday evening, Dec. 11. Several hundred students attended the oratorical Mass Meeting Tuosday night. Paul, Albrightand Sadler made speeches. It was announced that W. Peck, of Chicago had plodged $150 per year to be divided into first and second prizes for the winner and second in the annual contest of the Northern Orato rical League. The Faculty Concert Thursday evenïng, waswell attended, and was excep. tionally good. The program was Soiia ta for piano and violin, Op. 10, Barziel. 1. Allegro. l!. Andante sostenute. 3. Allgro molte - Allegro. Charlotte Jatte Zaitz, Herman A. Zeitz. (a) Capriccio (b) Menuetto - Schergando Stavenbagen (c)Etude No. 2 in E major. Paganini Schumann Alberto Jonas. Nazaretb .. ftounad Gardner S. Lamson. Albmnblatt Wagner Wilhelmj Mazurku Kadlee Hormann A Zietz. Tlic members of the Varsity Mandolín and Banjo Clubs are as follows: Mandolín Club - First mandolín, Blair, Iloover. Jones and Standart; socond mandolín, Grosbeck, Fay, Stone and Cole: guitar, Stoneinan. OHver, Steinbauer, Grlsvvold and Whorley : mandola, O'Brien ; cello, Boynton; Hutc, Loomis. Banjo Club Hunjoaurine, Steinbauer, Upham, Thompson and Palmer; iirst bano, Rich and Cooper; second banjo, Aaams: guitar, O'Brien, Grisworld, OUver, Stoneman and Wherley; cello, üoynton; mandolín, Pratt and Jones. TTie Alumnus wlll soon be Jout. A board ef cditors bas been úiosen as follows: L. A. Pratt, '96, editor C. G. Koe, 9i), business manager; l'rof. A. C. McLaughlin, advieory eominittee; Prof. í. N. DemmoD, necrölogy; Prof. l'. N. Scdtt, Communications ; Miss Gertrude Bucle, literary editor; D. R. Stuart, gradúate club: G. B. Harrison, university news. Lettera will bo publishcd I cach month from alumni associations j i n different parts of the country, anda ■ special cJïort will bo made lo bring j alumni in touch witb. cach othcr by means of the department of Communications in charge oL Prof. Scott. The lotter from Detroit this month is written by E. J. Ottaway, '94.


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