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"hound And Hare."

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An effort will bo made to revive cross country running at the ü. of M. Friends of tho sport have decided to ïiold tho iirst run on tho afternoon of Saturday, December 12, and all who desire to take part are rcquested to bo at the Gym. preparod to start at .'! oVlock. B. B. Hodgman freshman tr.vck manager, will have charge of tho run, and au effort to effect a regnlar or:ition will be mado later. 'i'wo years ugo the University had quite a prosperous haro and hounr' ;lub and several interestiner runs werf held and a good many track men worc brought out by these. The rules adoptea by the club were in accordanco with tlioseof the American associatiou which was organized several years ago and in substance were as follow? : 1. There shall be two hares and as many hounds as to desiro to run. 2. Tho hares shall be given five minutes start and shall scatter paper f rom the time of leaving tbs goal, until they leave the break. The break shall be indicated by the dropping of a handful of paper different in color from that forming the regular trail. It shall not be made inoro thun one milc nor less than half a mile from the goa!. .'!. The hounds shall start five minutes after the bares and shall follow the trail, in no case leaving it to make short cuts. Upoa arriving at the break the hounds shall all lino up and at signal from the ;master of the pack shall run for the goal by any route they desire, éach man trying to make tho best timo possiblo. ■l. I' the flrst liouna arrivés at the goal within ton minutos after the hares reach it the hounds win. Otherwise the victory belongs lo the hares. The flrst runs will not be hard and will not exceed live 'miles in length, No training is needed as all the runners are alike outof conditiots It is qwite probable that men will come and to tako part in there sports who havo no suspicion that ihey are able to run distance and will find 'that thoy have real abitity in that, direction.


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