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Some Dream Signs

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To dream of eating onions signiflea that you are to discover a hldden treasure. To dream of an oven nieans that your family and yourself v.ill soon be separaled. A dream about a funeral betokens a speedy marriage among your acquaintaaces. To dream of picture cards indicatea that you will be married to a wealthy person. To dream that you are entangled in briers mean3 that you will shortly fall in love. To rlream or a floek of cranes meana that the . house ■will be attack ; burglara. To flyp; m that you haT i n I meana you will win a prize in a lottery. Snakes always indicate enemies. To Itill one means success over one's adversarles. To dream of finding a pocketbook or purse Indicates imexpeeted success of some kind. I? you dream of a crown the taken lL of politica!, social, or ecclesiastica) I preferment. To dream of releasing birds from a cage denotes success in future business enterprises. To dream of dancing means you will shortly receivo news from a long ab■ent friend. Gathering flowers Ín a dream means success in the undertaking you are engaged ín. To dream of a smooth, clear river is indicative of future happiness and general success. Seeing a flre in a dream denotes a speedy quarrel with a frlend for a rery trivial cause. To dream of gold means fnture difflculties, but ultímate success in youp undertakings. To dream of reading an entertaining book is indicativ of an lncrease 1 your fortune. To dream of being in a heavy rain betokens that attempts ■will soon toa made to rob you. A. dream about having been shaved denotes that you are soon to be Jilted by your sweetheart. To dream that you have put on clea Unen means that you will shortly r#ceive some good news.


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