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Osly in a world of sincere men Is unity possible, and there, in the long run, lt is as good as certain. There is hope for the man who doesn't have to fall down more than once t learn how to stand up. Hard speech between those wh have loved is hideous in the memory, like th sight of the grtatness and beauty unk int vice and rags. Never hold any one by the button or te hand in order to be heard out; for tí people are unwilling to hear yon, you kad better hold your tongue than them. The difference between an entlmsiasi j and a crank is the difference between great earnestness in sensible work and Ueat senselessness in advocating uch-needed reforms. Close familiarity with a few great books will do more than anything else t enrich and discipline your mint'. If wi walk day afttr day with some illustrious writer we will aaturally fall into kis pac. Real merit of any kind cannot be cencealed; it will be discovered, and thing can deprecíate it but a man's ■fcowing it himself. It may not always ie rewarded as it ought; but it will ways be known. A man that only translates shall Mver be a poet; nor a painter that only pies; nor a w-immer that swlma always with bladders; so people that rust wholly to others' charity and without industry of their own, wlll alWys be poor. To know how to learn, so that when ed arises knowledge may be quickïy btained, is a better provisión for the business of life than is afforded by the largest or richest store of Information packod away in the memory - perhaps so paclted as to be inaccssible wheo wanted. The celetrted Wealeyan leoWjtjf and preneher, Mark Guy Pearse, il planning an Americaa tor in the i terest of the West London Wesleyam Misión. The Young People's Society of Chris.Uan Endeavor of St. Peter's Lutheraa Chnrch, Orio'.e, Pa., Rev. J. H. C. Manfc. fold, pastor contributed $2,000 to buiU a prayer house in India. Tho Jubilee meetings held by th American Missionary Association ia Tremont Temple, Boston, were largely attended. President Gates, of Amhen College, presided. Stirring addressei were delivered by Rev. Joseph Twichell I Hartford, Conn., and others.


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