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The Ball Before Waterloo

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Wellington's conduct is a ridlle. About the middle of the afternoon he I was informed through the Prince of Orange, as to Ms enemy's movements. With perfect calm, he commanded that his troops should be ready in their cantonments; at 5 he issued order3 for the divisions to march with a view to concentration at Nivelles, the easternmost point that he intended to occupy; at 10, just as he was setting out for the Duchess of Rlchmond's ball, he gave. definite instructions for the concentration to begin. About twenty minutes after the Prince of Orange had reached the ball room Wellington ■ent him away quietly, and then, summoning the Duke of Richmond, who was to have command of the reserve when formed, he asked for a map. The two withdrew to an adjoining room. Wellington closed the door, and said, with an oath, "Napoleon has humbugged me." He then explained that ho had ordered his army to concéntrate at Quatre Bras, adding, "But we shall not stop him there; and if so, I must flght him here," marking Waterloo arith his thumb-nail on the map as


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