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Not Of Much Consequence

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From the Troy Times: Rev. Dr. John Watson, "Ian Maclaren" has a clever way of telling a atory, as the readers of his books know full well. In a recent lecture to the Yale students he aniused those young gentlemen with a number of excellent anecdotee. One of these concerned a railroad trip which Dr. Watson once took. Sitting near hirn in the carriage wer ean elderly gentleman and a good, worthjr man who believed he had the care of every human soul in his keeping. The worthy man leaned over to the elderly man, who was a rugged type of John Buil, and asked him: "Do you know where you are going to?" "What?" exclaimed the elderly gentleman. "I say, do you know where you are going to?" "Liverpool," was the reply. "Oh, I didn't mean that," exclaimed the worthy man. "Didn't mean that!" shouted the elderly gentleman, now thoroughly aroused. "If this is the Bradford express it must be stopped. I want to go to Liverpool," and with that he made a divo for the bell rope. "He probably would have reached it," continued Dr. Wateon, "and stopped the train had I not intervened and told the elderly man he was on the train for Liverpool." "What did yon mean, then?" inquired the elderly gentleman, rather sharply. "I simply wanted to ask you if you knew whother you were going to heaven or hel!," was the reply. "Oh! that's all right," exclaimed the elderly gentleman apparently greatly relieved, "but I thought you were spci Jüttg about a far more serious matter.


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