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Trouble With A Cash Register

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There were three in one party and two in the other. They were standing before the white-aproned dispenser oí refreshments, and one of the three invited the entire party to have soinething. The dispenser dealt out the order of the three, took the dollar offered in payment and handed back 35 cents in change. The other two, standing a short distance away, were not served, as there was a mistake on the part of the cashier. The bill amounted to less than a quarter, according to tho refreshments eerved the three. The host examined his coin and then looked Burprised and grieved. 'I gave you a dollar," he said 'Was it a dollar? How much change dul I give you?" 'Thirty-flve cents." "Well, I will have to wait until somebody buys I don't dare to open the register, as there's no false balance on it. Every time I open it it means a pinchase charged to me. Sorry hut K-e'll have to wait." The man to whom the change was coming stood by and waited until a cash purchase was made before he. could get his money. He was the only one in the party who did not enjoy the situation. He remarked gloomily that he never had much s f „i


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