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Ram's Horns

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No sin Ís so litile that it may not beeome the soul's rr.aster. A poor man with a sunny spirit will get more out of life than a wealthy I grumbler. You can sometimes tell how well a man k,iovs Christ, by the way he treats his horró Zea' ir good wotka, la sometimes more f the glory of the doer than for the glory of God. Love is dead when the husbaa.d begins to grudge the money it takes to support his wife. It is not what we have, but what we do with what we have, that proves our fitness for promotion. There is something wrong with our soul's health, if wc have no appetite for any kind of Christian work. In everything, from praying in public to getting a tooth pulled, self wants to obtain a little distinction for itself. No station gives immuuity from Aeartaches and disappointments to the man who is not putting his trust in God. What sick man would send for a doctor, who had gone no deeper into medical books than some preachers have into the Bible? There is some blessing in being rich and strong and gifted, but there is more in being none of these, and yet dolng better than they.- Ram's Horn. The man who spends hia time in oounting hypocrites, generally makes a miconnt, by not putting hlmself at tho Tioml of the list.


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