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Oceans Of Soup

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There is enough canned soup sold eaeh year to float half a hundred warships. At least, that Is what a man In the business of preparing the stuft says, according to the New York Mail and Express. He has been fifteen yeara canning goode of all kinds and he saya that no branch of the trade has made such strides as the soup industry. Last year was the most successful in hls experience, he adds, and the chefs and workmen in his factory worked on an average of eight hours a day only. This season promises to be a recordbreake-r, and for the last flve months the full forcé has been engaged on an average of eleven hours a day turning out eoup. "Last year," he remarked, in giving details of the great industry, "we canned 2,350,000 gallons of it. It , would be possible to flood the entire Erie canal with this quantity of soup j turned out annually here and elsewhere. This year, judging by the way we have started off, our output will bo over 3,000,000 gallons. Canned soup has become popular for various reasons. In the first place, it can be purchased cheaper than it ie possible for the housewife to make it. Then, again, there is no bother attached to lts consumption. It needs no seasonlng and does not have to be cooked. All that ís requlred is to heat it. The cans are prepared with the greatest of care and will stand any sort of climate, whether it be the torrid zone or the blustering arctic. There are, of course, more than one hundred kinds of eoup prepared at our cannery. The most popular, however, number about fourteen. They are the oxtail, beef, chicken, mock . tle, pea, tomato, green turtle, terrapin, I consommé, mulllgatawney, macearon!, ; vermicelli, julienne and okra or gumbo. The best inat&rials are used in the ; construction of the soups and we have some of the best Parisian chefs obtainable, who prepare the stuff. We exercise as much care and regard for j liness at our factory as is observe! in any kitchen, private or public. All our soups are put up in quart cans, i which is Bufficient to supply seven or eight persons. The soups vary in price. I The average for the ordinary cans ia about 30 cents each. The more cate soups 6ell for 70 cents a quart."


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