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The Inter Ocean, Chicago

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cc v $1.00 -TkEss.oo) Weekly ÍMteu OceapJ. : The Greatest Republican Paper of the West. Z 5 TT is the most stalwat t and unswerving Republican Weekly lished today and can ahvays be relied upon for fair and hunest J ports oL all poütical affairs. ■ ntJeP The weekly ínter Ocean Supplies Al of the News } =-tm UlO and the Best of Current Literature. =ÊLliJ J It is Morally Clean, and as a Family Paper is Without a Peer. 2 , ] lts Literary Columns are equal - XCCC5 to those of the best magazines. ÏZZZZZOCCOOi lts Youth's Department is - finest of its kind. i J It briugs to the family the News of the Entlro orld and glves the beat and (tiacussions of all quostions of the day. Tlie Ínter Oceau gives twlve pit-es of reading matter cach week and being publUhed in i hlcáffo is tetter adapted to ihe needs of the people west of the AUagban; Mouutains tüan any other paper. J$-00 PSiCEjgNJEXgLPERjrEAR $i.Q02 5 The Daily and Sunday ;{ :::.::%% lll j tlOnSOI The ínter OCean are Oaily and Sunday by mail J6.00 per ycar tbe best of tbeir kind .... Addrex IMIIMilHMIIIIMKi'llllll


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