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Ann Arbor Savings Bank

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Organlzed 1869, luider the General Banking Law.of thla State. CAPITAL, $50,000. SURPLUS, $150,000. TOTAL ASSETS, $1,000,000 Biisiness Men ,Ouardians, Trustees, Ladks and.otlier persons willflnd this Baling. Safe and Convenient Place to make Deposits and do Bwinesê. Interest is allowed at the rate of 4 PER G Ü, JV 1 . on all Savings Deposits of $1.00 and upvmrds, according to the rules of the bank, and interest compounded semi-annually. Money to Loan in Sums of $25 to $5,000. Secured by unlncumbered real estáte and other good securlties. V1REC1ORS: Christian MacK W. D. Harrirnan, William Deubel, David Ihnsey, Daniel Hiscock, W. B. Smuk and L. öruner. OFFICERS: Chi-istian Mack, President; W. D. Harriman, Vke-President; Chas. E. Hiscock, Cashier; M. J. Fritz, Assistant Cashier. Report of the Condition of the Ann Albor Savings Bank. At Ann Arbor. Michigan, at the close of business, May Uth. 1897. RESOURCES. LIABILIT1ES. Loans and Discount Í 464 063 78 Capital Stock pald in { 50,000 00 dtocks, BoHds. an.l Mort fPT'ï.'H1"1 ;".;- 1.50,000 00 EaKe; Uttioa i ündivlded profits lö-s Curovenirahs.'.'::::;:::;;:::;; -,; rem epen mierest Banking house 2O.M)O n $ Txe8 Pld, 1.1.696 8S Furniture, and FixtureB 7 UT f Dividends unpaid :tfü Ou Other Real Estáte ju fi3 DEPOSITS. fian Commercial deposits subvaeII Ject tu check $ 161,200 70 Savlng deposits 74.:i4ii 88 _ Saviug certificates of Due from Hanks in redeposits 118.M2 97 serve cities $ 181,199 43 Duetobanks and bankIJuo from other banks ers 17 f37 7;t-l 081 'x',7 7Ö and bankers 72 iin Cliecks and cash Items. 816 30 ' Nlckles and t'vuts Ml KS Total II "T 'ir r.j Süverüolu 4,!100 0() ' OSU and NatlonaÏBank ' STATÏ " MlcHI8AN) Codnty of Washtrnaw, is Notes....... '.. 31,2!(j'00-$S51l981 I. Chas. E. Hiscock, Caihieroftheabovenamed Bank, do solemuly ewear tbat the above tuc ment ík true, to the best oí my kuowledge aud J1.297..W7 t belief. CHAS. E. HISCOCK, Cast iciCorrect- Attest: W. I). Karriman, L. Grcxer, David Kinsey, DlreetON. Subocrlbed and swurn tobefore me this VMU l:iy of May. 1K97. Micha ei, .7. 1'hitz. Notary I'uliiif


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