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A GRAND TRIÜMPH. Baffled Mauy Tintes Imt Sueecss Coinés at Las!. (.rrom the Grand Raptas Press.) The followiüg incident would be hard tn believc if it had Jiot Qtcurred right here In Grand Rapids, and ínvestigation by our representativo lias placed it beyond i he reach of doubt. These are the faets in detail : Mr. J. II. White of No. 25 Ha'fley Place, has been an instructor in peninanship ia different buslnoaa coücges for the past fourtei'ii ycars. He says : "Laat Octnbt-r I was siiddenly taken ill. I consulted a physician, who said the pain vvus fiom ' griwoj ' stano3 j gradually grew worse; the pain was in my back and side. My back swelled up in a great ridge, and I finally grew so bad that I was taken to bed, as helplcaa as a chlld. I passcd blood, and when the pain was at its worst I was like one crazy. The doctor injected morphiue to give me relief, 'Uut furthei than that he sald he was powerless, and nothing would do me any good but a surgical operation. I believe my fiesU was literally cooked in the attempts to relieve my agony, everything was used, mustard piasters, turpentlue, liot cloths and all such things. I was in this conditioa, givcn tip by the doctor, and almost out of my niind with suffering. I commencetl taking Doan'sKidncy Pilis, and renüy l feHeasici iu 20 minutes. After about two hours I had a passage of urine, and psssiti blood ind some' gravel' stones which greatly relieved me. I rapidly im.pravij. tooU In all six boxes, and f feeltoday eutlrely well. Mne lias been a wondwful case. I feel that I cannot say anything stront enough for Doan'a Kidney PilU. lv great wish is that they mty heeome wel] known. TUey ffiU proye a boon to mankind, Por sale by all dealers, price 50 cents. Malled by Poster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., solo agents for theU. S. Rememberthe name, Doan's, and take no other.


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