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Turkey Ready To Fight Again

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The porte has gi ven the (Jraceo-'J urkibli war sitiiaüoD a ne.w and ioteresting phase by decidinff oot to eoBsider auy fronticr Une in Thcssaly north of the Rivcr Pf.ncios, which it regards as Uio natural boundary. The sultau is convinced that the potvers wiü not resort to coercioD, atid has declded to test the alleged coocert of Europe to the utmost. Atan extraordinary sitüng of the council of miuiiters a report w .' draun up in favor of remming ho.-tUities, if peaee should not be coacludecl within 8 weel', The sultan complained that the war had been forced upon hhn and that, wheuhe was victorious, Evirope refused hhn either tcnitory or inderanity. Therefore he intended to resist to the utmost. He said: '-Wo have notbin tQ íuur. The six powers faUed to cos ree Vassos and his 2,000 adventurers ia Cretc. What oan they do against 300,000 victorious Iroops in Roumelia? I have infoñnation f rom ill the capitals of Biirope indicativo of the indecisión of the powers. Edhcm Pasha was a fooi not to have surroumled the Greek army and to have advanced to Athens, but he inay be t'.ero yct. Jf no concessions are mad wilhin a few ilavs I sliall give the order to advance. We can dictate our oxvn terms from the Acrópolis. EveryUiing is ready for immediatc action.


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