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Salary Of Royalty

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In round numbers the government of Grei'.t Britain pajs J3,000,000 annually to the royal faisüy. Of this sum the queen receives neai ly $2,000,000, 'oesides her revenues f rom the duehy of Lancaster, whkh amounts to a quarter of a million. The lord lieutenant of Ireland receives $100,000 a year for his salary aucl expenses. The Prluce of Wales gets only $200,000 a year. The president of France receives $240,000 each year for salary and expenses - an enormous sum when it is considered that France has the btupendous national debt of $6,000,000,000, the largest ever incurred by any nation of the world. Italy pays her king $2,600,000 each year. The civil list of the Germán emperor is about $4,000,000 a year, besides large private revenues from personal estates. The czar of Russia owns in fee simple 1,000,000 square miles of cultivated land and has an income of $12,000,000. When llttle Alfonso of Spain comes of age he wlll be one of the richest monarchs of Europe, as the state allows him $1,400,000 annually, with an additional $600,000 for famlly expenses.


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