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Teddie's Advice

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The Blakes have a summer home ia Willoughby, to whfch they have just returned, after a residence of six months in the city. One of the first callera after the family had got settled was the minister. White the good man was lnquiring after the healti of each of the family, expressing hls pleasure at their return and explaining how the affairs of the church were going, little Teddie, who celebrated his ttílrd birthday, and who, durirjg their stay in the city, must have met somebody who was addlcted to the use oL slang, stood opën-mouthed and apparently drinking in every word that was said. Havlng flnished a general review of affairs concerning his church tho minister started to teil about a book that he had just flnished, when Teddie suddenly interrupted him by gravely saying: "Oh, go hire a hall!" It is understood that even now the worthy minister is sometlmes possessed of troublesome doubts concernlrig the


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