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The New Feed Stuff

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ÍEke new eern product being talked -ttbtmt H obtained by grinding corn'ftaUts The pHh of tbe etalk is nsed f oí bacttng befrwwen tbe pintes of irouclad Wrtbips. The bard heil of tbe talks, fffwr tbc pitb la taken ont, is oround toto b flBfl ptrwder. lt can be bagged Uktí est or bvnn and will keep as well w my otber grmrad feed. Analysis toKTTW tbat ft Is riober in nraicle makers Cban tbe wbole coniatalk, and experitoo thow tfant stook will eat it np fAean, Tb stotions tell tlmt a balaiiced tnthm osn be readlly made np by mlxfeg fbe new feed stuff with oil ineal or Etteüguiifl tneal. A ton of the gronud Öollw tv411 oocnpy Irat Httle more space Sfm a tos ef ensllage. Tbere is authorter belierviug tbat tbis new fed stuff VIH have Borne effsot In redooing the y it of hay.


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