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The ytfllow fever l)as begun to spread quite íapídly at Mobile, Ala., 11 ne Cases being announcd ia one day. A öuaranMne line has beon drawn from Chicasabog-no crcok, north of Mobile, some flve miles northwesterlj to the Mississlppi line so as to present nn absolute embargo a;;jinst Mobiliaus peneti-ating by land into the interior of Alabama. This trocha is guarded continuously and when sorae 2,000 people starled out Into country intending to take refuge with the farmers, they encountered the guards at the trocha and wcrc stopped there and remained in the open air feariijg to return to the city. The people of Mobile are in & great paniu and all are leaving who can, althoug-h experienced physicians and the older citizens try to quiet the alarm by showing1 that the fever is not progressing with anything1 like old time rapidity. Govemor Barred the State CapltaL When the rigid quarantine was established at Jackson, which is the capital of Mississippi, Gov. McLaurin was at his home at Brandon. Now he wishes to enter the capital, but the board of health is no respecter of persons and re f sed to admit him. The scare at Jaekson is growing and the people are determined not to allow the to get a íoothold there. They have torn up the tracks of the Alabama & Vicksburg railroad, a short distance west of the city, and also burned the trestle on the same road because the company refused to run trains through the city at the rate of 20 miles au hour. Indlffnatlon is at fever heat and the people say that, if necessary to conipel observance of their quarantine regulations, they will burn every bridge between there and Vicksburg. Gov. MeLaurin ints ordered out the Capital Light Guards, in order to protect the property oí the raüroaHs.


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