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Babies In Summer

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The second summer of a baby's llie Is always a critical period. It is then that the canine teeth, which are the most troublesome of all teeth to cut, usually make their appearance. If the child ís healthy and has been properly and carofully fed, there is very little to fear irom teething. If, on the contrary, it Is feeble and it is Hable to disorders of the stomach and bowels, teething is to be dreaded. One of the greatest dangera of teething arises troni the highly nervous condition of the little one at this trying time. For this reason the baby should be kept as quiet as possible and free from excitement of any kind. It should also be kept out of doors as much sa possible, under the shade of green trees, but where no harsh noise will startle or frighten it. The foolish practice of trying to arouse Ue üormant intellect of the baby, by tossing it up and playing with it in various ways, cannot be too strongly eondemned. The following directions in regard to che diet of little babies are from Dr. Jacobi, the eminent specialist in children's dresses. "For nursing babies," he says, "overreding does more harm than anything else. Nurse a baby of a month or two every two or three hours. Nurse a baby of six months and over five times in twenty-four hours, and no mors. When a baby gets thirsty in the meantime, give it a drink of water or barley water. Put no sugar with it." For feeding babies, he says: "Boil a teaspoonful of powdered barley (grind it in a coffee-grinder) and a gilí of water with a little salt for fifteen minutes, strain it and mix it with half as much boiled milk and a lump of white sugar. Give it lukewarm t'irough a nursing bottle. Keep bottle and mouthpiece in a bowl of water when not in use. Babies of five or six months should have half barley water and half boiled milk, with salt and white sugar. Older babies, more milk in proportion. When babies are very costive, use oatmeal instead of barley; cook and strain. When the breast's milk is half enough, change off between breast milk and too." It is a great mistake to change the food of a child in summer. Unless lts health demanda it, the change of food should be postponed until autumn."


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