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OCTOBER WEATHER. RHEUMATISM JUST NOW TO BE FEARED. PEOfliG UATOa COI.U AND SUFFE WITII THE I'KEVALENT; MALAIIÏ. Mr. S. K. ('liane' Expcrlencc- Tlie Very Simple Itcincdy He Uscd. Rheumatism is growing more and more prevalent here. And neuralgia adds its tortures to the disease that is making life a burden to many in Ann Arbür. The cold, wot weather, the carelessness about getting the foet wet, or perhaps ome iudiscretion in the cliet, result in the agonizing One part of the system is attacked aftor another, and soinetimes the vital organs yield to it, so that the increased mortality rate of üctober is chiefly due tothis diseease and its complications. The methods of treatment are as different and widely varying as there are physicians, but nothing has yet been discovered that begins to equal the simple remedy used by S. E. Chase, a well-known G. A. R. man of Waltham, Mass. He is an old soldier, nearly seventy years of age, and was all run down with chronic rheumatism, liver coraplaint, and heart disease. Tn fact, he got a pension for these troubles. He was so low that he thought he could not live long. But he used a vegetable extract, called Paine's Celery Compound, which, as he puts it "did wonders forme, and made me feel like a nevv man." Mr. Chase is doing all he can to spread the good newsof the compound's wonderful etlicacy in rheumatism, neuralgia, and nervous diseases. He already has ten of his friends using it, and says he can cure any one. When such a simple preparation as this is known, which appears to be so reliable it is foolish for any one to suffer long.


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