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He Had Seen Them

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It was a lovely summer evenlng, everything betokened life, Joy and beuaty. The one was young and inexperienced; he was of a poetic disposition, and spoke long and enthusiastically of the beauties of nature and of lovely women. "But, after all, this is an age of deoay," he exclaimed sadly, stopping in the middle of a glowing phrase. "What is there to be enthusiastic about now? The grandeur of the past- where is it? Where, for instance, are the bright girls of the past?" The other man was older, he was colder and prosaic by nature. "I think I can answer that question," he replied slowly. "From my own personal observation, I should consider it safe to bet ten to one that, at th4s present moment, many of the bright girls of the past are engaged in 'tubbing' some of the bright girls of the future before putting them to bed!"


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