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In The Woman's Gym

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The fïrst sight to greet the eye on entering the Woman's Gymnasium is a grinning skeleton suspended by a eur,ain cord. The presence of tbis gruesome object is explained when it is cnovvn that Dr. Mosher is giviag a eourse of lectures in this room lo the youci wornen of the university. The doctor's desire to inake her remarks clear to her listeuers lias led her to bring not only the skeleton, but olher nteresting objects by whioh tü iilustrate her lectures. A small umbrellashaped object, divided iuto halves, traversed by red cord, representa the brain. Curious bags made out of different colored silks prove to be representations of the vital organs. To [Ilústrate the proper and improper methods of standing the doctor uses a amall skeleton placed upon an Upright in suca a manner that it can easily be turced and twisted in all directions. WiLh this apparatus she makes clear her lectures and emphasizes her everpresent plea for gymnasium work.


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