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The 'Varsity has been doing sotne very hard practice this week and the improvement over last week is very notieeable. It will be measured by the score of Saturday's game for Ohio State University also played a 0 to 0 game with Ohio Wesleyan this season. J. C. Knight, a friend of Coach Stevenson, who played with Princeton in '95 has been assisting in coaching the team this week. The number of candidates is increased every aftarnoon. There are enough players now for flve elevens. The students also come out in larger numbers than ever before to look on. The 'Varsity has played two practice games with thsNormals this week. In the first game they were able to score, but in the second they could not ao so. The 'Varsity played a kicking game and Hannon made two goals from the field. The first scrub is able to put up a lively game for 'Varsity and have succeeded in scoring. Hodgeman who plays full back on the scrubs has done some very good punting. The only fault with him is tliat he is erratic and a good punt or drop-kick is apt to be followed by a bad fumble. Pelver, captain and quarter, has been playing his usual good game. On the 'Varsity Capt. Hogg has been playing an exceptionally good game He never faila to make a gain anc tackles sure and hard. Stuart who sometimes plays the other half is nol in very good condition but is goo( while he lasts. Pingree has been play ing a good game.ihe follows his Ínter ference better than last year and i more steady. Bennett is becoming ac quainted with his position at end Tce general opinión among tha stu dents is that he should be put back a guard. Caley and Snow are putting ui an aggressive game at guard anc tackle. The other guard and tackle are siow to get into the game. Day who was trying for tackle lias gone out of training. The only trouble with Savage at center is lightness. Cunningham who tried for center last year has been out this week and may develo p.


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