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A Checkered Career

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One of the best known chwacters on ihe campus is James Ottley, the old man in the gentlemen's check room at the library. He has been connected with the University since 1859, and nis age is now several years more than four score. Mr. Ottley has had a checkered career: Born in England, he went in early youtli to the West Indias where he remained three years employed by the governor of St. Christopher's Island. Robbers were plentiful and pirates harrassed the islanders, who frequently had to fight them. The stories the old gentleman can teil of life in those wild ïslands would make a book, and a very interesting one. Leaving tliere when twenty-one years old he sailed to Nova Scotia, the ship having a brush with pirates on the way. When he reached Ann Arbor Ottley had a good deal of money. He invested it well, added to it, and was at one time a wealthy man, but anunfortunate investment in Northern Paciflc railroad stock swept most of it away. He still owns the house on Broadway whero he lives and some lots besides. A few years ago the old man returned to England, bnt could find only three persons of whom he had ever heard. He is a cultured man. No one on the ground uses better language than he. He is kindly and pleasant, and the boys all have a pleasant word for him.


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