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Georgè Suumor, of Chelsoa, lost two toes by tho accidental discharge of his shot gun one day last week. Word has b32n reccived f jrm D C. Phillips thathisschooner, MyrtloOamp was lost during the recent gales otï the Atlantic coast and that all her contents were a total loss. Tho passengors escaped safoly, after a terrifying exporlence, to New. York. Mr. Phillips Í3 expected home daily.- Ypsilantian. The Jackson Association of Conpregational Ministers and Churches will be held in Dexter on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 19th and 2Óth. The morning and afternoon of Tuesdav will be devoted to the Woman's Missionary Socities. On Tuesday evening there will be a sermón by B. F. Aldrich of Ypsilanti, followed by the Lord's supper. - Dexter Leader. At the bicycle contest decided last Friday at the residence of Fr. Goldi ich in Northfield, N.iss Sarah McCourt won the prize. The proceeds from the c ontest were over $400. Music was furnished at the social by the Snowlird quartette of Whitmore Lake. I'.ev Frs. Kelley and Dooling of Ann Arbor, Kennedy of Ypsilanti and Commertord of Pinckney were among the guestn. - Dexter Leader. A number of the cottagcrs at Baso Lake havo made a great improvement ia the shore by ereoting a breakwí-ter ouc about two rods f rom tile orignal shore line in front of their cottages and then grading it in level. This 'vill give them excellent lawns and m.ike landing from the boats more convenient. - Dexter Leader. A few years ago a son of Mr. and Mrs. Abe Millage was buricd, and in due time a monument with proper inscription, was erected on the lot About a vear ago some psrson chiselei Off the enitial letter of Mrs. Millage's name, and on the 27th day of last month the letter was put back on the monument again, and on the 28th il was, by said devil, chiseled out again, and last week the monument was completoly destroyed, broken into over a hundred pieces ; therefore we repeat that there is a bigger and meaner lovvlhred devil running at largS than Saten h;s got in that place called heil. - Milan L eader. The Chelsea Standard says Graw Lake has a veritable Klondike in its lako. E. J. Beebe, of Sandusky, Ohio has secured the lease of a strip two rods wide nearly around the entire lake He has the capital pledged by Ohio partios to erect a íactory for the manufacture of Portland cement and tile anc also for making brick. He has thor oughly tested tho mud at the bottom of the lake and finds it the very "nest quality for the purpose to the deptli o sixteen feet. Sand for tile rnaking is ■to be had naar by and clay for bricit is plentif ui on the south shore of the lake The plant is expected to cost $150,000 and to employ 100 workmen.


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