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Spanish Steamer Sank--150 Drowned

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The eoustin;; steamer Triton from Havana lo Bahia Honda, province of Pinar c!cl Rio, Cuba, was wrecked on tbc porth'coast of that province. Tlio steamcr ashoro during heavy weathcr, grounding about eight miles from tbc coast. The purser and one of tbc passc'ngcris rcachcd Mariel and say they havo no knowledge regarding the fa te of the captain, 200 passengers, soldiersand civilians, and the SOmembo.r.s the crew of the Triton. The missing passengers include several w-oü-k-nown '■lants. The Bpaniah gunboat Maria Christin a and the tug Lonise left Havana at once for the seeno of the wreclt. Tho two vessels brought back 12 of the raerabers of the lost i cumpany who relate that the ilrst boat that was lowcved when the boat atruok the rocks capsized immiïdia'cly and all of its occupants were drowned. The next wa.s strook by an cuorrpflua wavo and turned over, (lrowuing 20, but tlie craft righted again and eight regained lt. Th ose who were rescucd teil heartrend ing storics of the scènes. Just as the Triton was sinking Capt. Ricardo, her commander, ' committed suïcide, by shooting himsclf. It is impossible to give the eact niimter of those lost, bul lt is estimated that they were no fewer than J50. Among whom wero two navy and twoarmv ofHeers, a commissary O0icial and 77 privates. On board the Triton was S31,G6O in silver to bc us"d f Of the paj'me;;t of the Spanish military and naval forces, besides a large quantiíy of groceries and ammunitiou for the army.


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