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Twenty-four O'clock In Belgium

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Concernlng the bange to the M-hmir ayetem of time notation cm Belglan rullrrays, the minltter of tte railwavB Issues the folJowing notice: "The aamIng of tie botirs of the day wiü be made from 0 to 24. By reaeon of the adoptlon of thl8 new regulatlon, the hidlatlon M (matln - morning) and s (solr - evening) appearing hi the official rafiway gulde WÍI1 Ie suppressed. The minutes (romprleed between midnlght an4 1 o'clock in the tcorntng, such as 1(12, ÍS: 13 and 18í47, wül be indloated by a zero íoBowed by a pertod and by th number of minutes correepondVng, vlx, 0.2, 0.14 and 0.47. Mldday wlU be alwaye lndlcated by 12. Midnlght wül be lndlcated, accordlng to the circuxngtaacea, by 0 or 24. For a train whlcii learea a station exactly at midnlght, it wlll be wrltten that it leaves at 0 of the day darlng whlch the train is In movement. PVh1 a train whlch arrivés at a Station exaetly at midnlght, it wlll t WtHtn bet H arrtres at 24 of the day tftrrtng w%ich the train has been in moveraenl The dlals of all the station eloeks wiïl be completed by the addltlon of t& figures 1Í, 14, 24 placed, respectlvely, just beneath the exieting figures, 1, 2, 12."


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