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Drs. Kennedy & Kergan

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WEAK, NERVOUS, DISEJLSED MEN 250,000 CÜRED IN SO YEARS, BCURES GUARANTEED OR AO PAY I jSÊrfÊifeï, $1000 IN GOLD F0R A CASE WE JÊ Sft SELF-AÖUSE, EniSSlONS, VARICOVlfMK CELE, CONCEALED DRA1NS, STRICT%déw$üBïWLi URE 0LEET' SYPH1LIS, STUNTED mfcítírÍ: W PAtTS, LOST MANHOOD, 1MPOTENfcjS:. M CY' NERVOUS DEBILITY, UNNATV"4 Si lü The New Methotl Treatment is the JffdfllSHKP Greatest D isco very of ths Age ANEBVOC3WBE0K. FOR CURIIMG THESE DtèEASES Thousands of young and mlddle a?ed men aro annually swopt to o. promaturO grave through EARLY 1NDISCRETIONS, EXCtíSSEA, AND KLOOÜ UISËASES. If you havo any of the following symptoms consult us bofore lt is too late. Are-you nervous and woak, despondent and gloomy, specks bofore the oyes witli dark circles undor tnem, weak back. kldneys Irritable, palpltation of the heart, bashful, droaras and losses, sediment in urine, pimples on the face, eyos sunken, hollow cheoks, careworn exprosslon, poor memory, llfeloas, dlstrustful, lack energy lihI KtroiiKtl), tired mornings, restless nights, changeable moods, weak manhood, stunted orgaiis and premature aecay, bono pains, hair loóse, eore throat ote. YOU HAVE SEMINAL WEAKNESS I OUR NEW METHOD THEATMENT alone can cure you, and mako a man of you. Underlts ■■■MMtnfiBBEmiK. ence the brain becomos active, tho bloud mriiicd t ■' H so that all pimples, blotohen and ulcera iliaaiii). ar; j. the norres bocome strong as steel, bo that nervousnoss, bashfulness ani dospondency dísappoarVÍi'''? the eyes bocome bright, the face full and cloar, % energy returns té the body, and tho moral, physlcal ' ?: SÊ an4 sexua} systems are invlgorated; ali draius ceaae-no moro vital waste from the system. The iarloua organs bocome natural and manly. You r' R fooi yourself a man and know marrlage cannot t 1-1 ' MWctfil VW afailuro, We invito all tho affllcted to consult us jfW 1 i'iWJMW ' _ fBPf J confldontlally and free of charge. Don't letquacks ÏH and fakirs rob you of your hard earnod dollars. BS ■ "I ."-- V We u-ill cure you ar nopay. f .; -flUySspiailí iSGH UAS YOUR BLOOD BEEN DISEASED? Ife,,' SYPHILIS Is the most prevalent and most sorlous {■'■- ' BLOOO dise.ise. It Baps the very llfo blood of tho w'il. ifx i"HBI'w vlctim and unlesa ontirolyeradicated from "" "'- tem will affect the oftspring. Boware of Mercury. hbbeditaby blood disease. It only supprosses the symptoms-our NW ME'I'HOD ])ositivoly euros it for ever. YOUNCI OR iIDÜLE-AOEO MAN- You've led a gay life, or lndulged in tho follies ofyouth. Self-abuso or later excesses havo brokon down your system. You foei tho ïymptoms stoallng ovor you. Mentally, physlcally and soxually you aro not the man you ifsed to, bo or shouli} bp. JJusttul prácticos roap riel harvests. WiU y.u héod the danger signnls. ■ PirAIHR I AryllaTl:Umí Have f ou lost hope? Ara yQuoontoraplatlns marulaae? IILHUI II ! Has your blood heoBrtlsonsodi' llavoyouany üur üc.w Jfctliod Troaf-ment will euro you. What lt has dono for othors it will do for you. Consultatlon Pree. ïo mattor who has troatod you, writo for an honélt opinión l'reo of Charge Charges reaaonablo, Bnok Free -"The Golden Monitor" (illustratefl), on Diseasea of Men. Inclosc postago, g ennts. gealoij. Book on "Disoases oí Womou" Frea S-NO NAMES USEO WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT. P, IVATE. No medicine Settl CO D No name3 on boxes or envelopês, Evtrjth ng confidentral. (Juostlon llsl and ecsiuf Trektment, FREE, - No. !48 SHELBY'ST. DETROI i , MICH.


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