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Just as Good as Scott's and we sell it much cheaper," ís a statement sometimes made by the druggist when ScoWs ïmulsion ís called for. This shows hat the druggists themselves regara Scotí's Emulsión of Cod-Liver Oil with Hypophos jhites of Llrr.c ar.d Soda as the standard, and the parchase who desiresto procure the " standard " jecaose he fcnows ít has been oL ontold benefit, shottld not for one instant thinfc of taking the risk of fusing somc untried preparation. The substitotion of something saíd to be "just as good" for a standard preparatíon íwentyfive years on the market, should not be permítted by the intelligent purchaser. Be sure you get SCOTT'S Emulsión. See that the man and fish are on tho wrapper 50c. and $1.00, all drupgists. SCOTT & BOWNE, Chem sts, New York. ímj Shoes can be igf bought by jfSB mail. If you um. cannoí vls m' lili one e ; i liiÍV2 Emerson 1 B Stores in 22 IS gÈSSËÈmk Boston, iíew York, BrooMyír, gfe 'sTWm Ph'lad=lpha,Baltimo.i:,Kusa(l, 'ííííWñ burg.Washiniton.Cincinnati, 3Hli Ziï""JM Chicago, lndian? oliü, Lou3fc. %S?jl isville, Toledo, Detroit, BufySJ&PFr%$gm .falo Cleveland, Rochester, fc"" 'ïilü Syracusé, Tro ■ Bridgeport, &jk ÍWk Ct.-, Providente, R. I.; Lynn, lvM Mass.; and Port'and, Me. zBfëp then send for ouf OÜE ENGLISH TOE. CítalogUC No. 2. We will suit you or refund moacy-, The haiuisomest, easiest and most desirable shoea for STREET, DRESS and 0UT1NG WEAR. Pra'ít Fasteners, Anti-Squeak, Damp-proof Soles, Riiodes' FasC Color Eyelets, etc., etc. R. B. Grover & Go., Makers, Brockton, Mass.


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