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Ann Arbor Savings Bank

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Orgauized 1 SS!), mider tin General Ranking La tv ol Uil stat-. ■JAPITAL, $50,000. SURPLUS, $150,000. TOTAL ASSETS, $1,000,000 business SLenfiixardians, Trustees, Ladies and other persons willfind this Bank A Safe and Convenient Place to make Deposits and do Business. Interest ü allnved at the rate of i PER .ENT. on all Savinga Deposita of il. 00 and upumrds, according to the rules of the ank, and interest (xmpownjded semi-anmially. Money to Loan in Sums of $25 to $5,000. Secured by unincumberei! real estáte and other good securities. 1REC1ORS: Chrixtian Mack, W. . Harriman, TVilliam Deubel, David Binsey, Daniel Hisootk, W. Smith and L. Gnmer. )FFICERS: Christian Mack, President; W. D. Hofriman, Vice-President; Chas E. Hi&üock, Cashier; M. J. Vritz. Assistant Cashier. Report of the Condition of the Anti Arbor Savings Bank. At Ann Arbur, MiChtgSJi, it the close ol business, May Uth. 1S97. RESOURCES. LIABIUTIKS. ,,., Capital Stock paid in $50,000 00 o; r,8 and Wsconni 1404.083 78 surplus fund 150,000 00 .,. ks. Bouds, and Mort Úndividcd profitsla-s Cuigiges. H? Ji reut expenses, Interest radtaft; „nÏÏKÏA and Taxes paid 15.690 88 ■ ai-.king house nividendB unpaid 3;:3 00 -'jrniture. Mid Fitures i.ul o.ther Real Estáte 4ti,a8 63 DEPOSIT8. (Jommf-rcial ier-or,:l5 subCASB. ject tocheck í 1K1.500 70 Savins; deposita 784,816 86 Savins certificates of Due h-om Banks In redtposlts ............. 118,942 97 servedtlea í 181,199 4a Due tobanks and bank.„ Due frorn other banks ers iT.CW TB-l.oa.OB' 10 and bankers 72 CO knVetfe:: SÍS Toul ,7,69764 Sllver Coiu 4.CW (w oin .'.'.'.'.. 80.42S io State of Michigan, Coonty or Wasftenaw, ss 0. 8. and National bank i, Chas. E. Hiscoat.Cashierof the above nameO Notes 8 00-1851,981 27 Bankdo solemuly swear tbat the above BWle ment is true, to the best of my knowledge and Jl.a7,597 64 belief. CHAS. L. H1SCOCK, Cashier Correct-Attest: W. V. ilARBiaAs. L. ükdneb, DavidIRinsey, Directors. Sub-crilied and sworn tobefore mï this 19tb dayiof May. 1897. MlOHABt 3. Fuitz. Notary ribilc.


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