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Michigan Beat Purdue

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A crowd of aboutsix hundred persons was present at the Mich.-Purdue football game Saturday aad saw the 'varsity men easily win f rom their oíd Indiana rivals. The great hope of Michigan men was that the 'Vnrsity would at least beat Purdue as badly as did . Illinois which scored 34 to Purdue's 4 but this was hardly expected since numerous stories of the latter's improvement have been rife. The final score however, was exactly the same as that made by Illinois, 34 to 4. At no time was the game doubtful unless it was when Purdue made her touchdown in the first part of the play. All of the 'Varsity men played well, Felver. Hogg, and Steuart making repeated runs for great gains; Hannan punted remarkably well and as Ferbert said: Cunningham was a tower of strength. The game was a good clean one throughout and proves that Michigan men are in fine shape for the two hard games to come. Michigan kicked off twenty yards, Purdue carrying the ball back nearly the whole distance. Then several good line bucks advanced the ball. Felver went around the end on a doublé pass for1 twenty yards. More bucks brouerht the ball to within three yards of Purdue's goal and Michigan men were certain of a touch-down but a bad pass followed by a fumble cost Michigan the ball which Purdee kicked for a forty yard gain. A good run by Captain Hogg and others by Felver brought the ball once more to within three yards of the Purdue line but an attempt to push it over was held. Purdue took the ball and again sent it to the center on a kick. Again Michigan rushed it to within a few feet of the goal and Hannan was pushed over for the first touch-down. Captain Hogg kicked a goal. Score, 6-0. Purdue kicked off and the game was now transferred to Michigan 's territory Purdee pruving that she was in the game. Each side lost and won the ball. Then it went to Purdue and Alward made a pretty run for Purdue'a first touch-down. A kick at goal failed. Score, 6-4. Michigan now kicked off. Purdue kieked the ball back into Michigan's territory but two runs by Captain Hogg brought the ball within a few feet of Purdue's goal and again Hannan went over for a touch-down. Captain Hogg again kicked an easy goal. Score, 12-4. Michigan was advancing the ball rapidly toward the Purdue line when time was called for the first half. The second half opened with Michigan successfully bucking the line. Hogg, Stuart, and Felver made rcpeated gains, another touch-down and another goal making the score, 18-4. The kick-off again brought the ball into Michigan's territory but Felver made a phenomenal run which advanced it several yards. Purdue tried a kick which Michigan returned and again the ball started for Purdue's goal. Linebucking, kicking back and fortb and short runs followed, the ball going (rom one side of the field to the other. fhen a kick by Hannan took it to Purdue's 15 yard line. The ball went to Purdue who lost one oal in attempting to buck and then punted for 12 yarda. Michigan tlien liit the Purdue line for four gnins of flve or six yarda each and once again shoved the ball over. Hogg again kicked goal. Score: 2-t-4. More kioking followed. Hogg made a pheaomenal run f rom the thirty yard line gaining 20 yards, and Pingree wont through Purdue's line for a touch-down. Hogg kicked another goal and the score stood 30 to4. In the few minutes following the next kiek-off, Purdue's goal was twice in danger, but punts saved it. Then Felver went around the end for a touch-down. A try at goal failed, and the game was closed, score, 34-4. The line-up was: Breen c Cunniugham Webb r. g Snow Alward r. t Baker Hall r. e Bennet Herbold 1. g Lehr Bond 1. t Lockwood Johnson 1. e Teetzel Sears q , Felver Moore 1. h Stewart Hoelber r. h Hogg Doane f. b Hannan


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