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Spain has secured options on several warships nearly completed by British hipbuilders for another governmcnt. Hotel San Marco, at St. Aug-ustine, 'l;i. . one of the finest resort hotels in bc south, was burned by incendiarles. júss 5:.'."U,Ü00, insurauce $50,000. The larg-e floating drydock built in England for the use of Spanish warhips in Cuban waters has been safely owed across tlie Atlantic to Havana. The President has ordered a courtmarüal to try Capt. Lovering, who jrutally punished Private Hammond or dlsobediencé at Fort Sheridan, Chiago. The court will nieet Nov. 22, at Port Sheridan. Why woary your throat and patience vith that wretched oouffh when a botte of Dr. Bull'a Cougti Syrup will cure ou prompt ly. While celebrating over the election at Cincinnati John Shafer, a shoemaker, waved aloft a huge tin horn he ïad been blowiug. It ca me in contact vith a live electric light wire and Shafer feil dead. Because their victim had no money two Chicago footpads placed a pisto! against Wm. Kastner's throat and fired. The bullet cut throogh the vocal cords and completely destroyed iastner's power of speech. Hood's Sarsapanlki is prepared by experienoed pliarmacists who know irecisely the nature and quality of all ugredients used. Major Benjamin Butterworth, U. S. commissioner of patents, is dangerously ill at the Hollenden hotel, Cleveand. His physician announued that ie is Buftering from pneumouia. He was taken suddenly ill in the office oi Senator Han na. Why don't you try Carter's Little Liver Pilis? They are a positive eure for sick headache and all ills produoed by disordered liver. A C. & O. express train, from Cmcmnati to Washington, was wreeked neai Old ShaduelL, Va. Four persons were killed and 17 injured. The accident was caused by the rails spreading. The engine left the track on a gharp curve anil was hurled against a rocky hill. Two ears plunged down a steep embankment one of them went into Rivanna river. "If taken in to the head by the nostrils two or three times a wepk, Thomas' Electric Oü will positively relieve the most offensive case of catarrh." Rev. E. F. Crane, Dunkirk, N. Y. A Washiupton dispateh says that there are iudications of an attempt being made soon af ter congress assembles to take the government printing office from under the civil service law, elaiming that it is an adjunct of congress and not really part of the executive brancli of the government. There will also be aa attack made on the civil service system in the congressional library. '1 was completely eovered with sores. Every limb in my body ached. Had been sick for five years. Doctors could do me no good. Most of my ttme was spent in bed; was a complete' wreek. Burdock Blood Bitters have completely cured me in three months. " Mrs. Annie Zoepen, Crookftnwn, Minn. The Untisñ expeclition to the headof the Afridis country, so far as actual fighting is eoncerned, is about to end. This war has already cost $50,000,000 and has left the Indian treasury absolutely depleted. tíomething must be done quiokly to assist in saving India from utter bankruptey. This costly war was concurrent with the enormous additional expenditure oí fighting famine and pestilenee. Stop drugrging yourtelf witli quack nostrums or "cures." (et a well-known pharmaceutical remedy tha,t will do the work. Catarrh and Cold in the head will not cause suffering if Ely's Creara Baim is used. Druggist will suppiy 10c trial size or 50c full size. We mail it. ELY BROS., 56 Warren-st, N Y City. Kev. John Reid, jr., of Great Falls, Mont., recommended Ely's Cream Balín to me. I can emphasize his statement, "It is a positivo cure for catarrh i f used as directed. " - Rev. Francis W. Poole, Pastor Central Pres. Church, Helena, Mont.


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