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Introducing Points-O-Matic: Super Serializer!

Mon, 04/13/2020 - 2:42pm by Sara W

You, yes, YOU can help AADL improve its series data in the catalog using our amazing new Super Serializer Points-O-Matic mode! Take a look at each title and tell us if the series looks right, wrong, or if you're not sure. The kind of series we're looking to highlight with this data is books that build chronologically on each other or feature the same characters/settings.

points-o-matic super serializer


Data such as "A Stone Barrington novel," or "Community (television program)" or "Anne of Green Gables 3" is all good and useful! 

Sometimes the series data will just have the series name. Sometimes the series will have the series name AND the number where the item falls in the series order. As long as the facts are correct, then that data is right as well! Sometimes all the information you'll need to check these facts will be right there on the cover image. Sometimes you'll need to click the title to get to the catalog record. Sometimes you might seek an outside source, like Kent District Library's fantastic series resource What's Next or FantasticFiction to double-check the series name or book order. 


Sometimes information appears in the series field that isn't *technically* a series (or at least, isn't what we're considering a series) like publisher details such as "Thorndike Large Print" or "Shonen Jump Manga" or "Warner Brothers Backlot Series." You can choose "wrong series" in those cases, because that information typically appears elsewhere in the record and doesn't belong in the series field.

What's NOT SURE?

Well, believe it or not, it's when you can't tell if the data is right or wrong!! Maybe the data falls into some gray area or it's just inconsistent, either way, those items will get an extra level of review.


Don't worry about it! Each item is reviewed multiple times by different players, so you didn't mess anything up if you clicked the wrong button. 

So jump into Points-O-Matic Super Serializer now - and Super Serial-ously, thanks for playing!!!


I've come upon a few examples like this:
Stolen Treasures
Book - 2009
Series Info
• Silver dolphins
• 3.

It's definitely the right series, and the "3" correctly refers to the third book in the series.
Maybe that's all you want to know, and I should click on "right series".
But, when I go to the record for this book, on the left sidebar
- clicking on "Silver dolphins" takes you to the Silver Dolphin series.
- clicking on "3" takes you to a long list (2603) of seemingly unrelated books.
Just wondering about that seemingly misplaced "3", which takes you into the unknown.

So - what's the right answer for this record?
Since this has come up several times, I'm wondering. Thanks!

Hi - thanks for asking! In the example you give, the answer is RIGHT SERIES. We do want the series to function as a link, but when we get our data improved, the series number will not be a link. That's what you're seeing right now, when the "3" leads you to a massive list of other titles that fall 3rd in their series. We do want to know the series number when possible, and in a later iteration, it will just appear as data, not a link. I hope this help! Thanks for playing!

Yep, even though the data is partial, we want to know that the data that is present in the record is correct. We can always sweep through another time to improve it further. Thanks for checking!

Just to double check- let's say something is listed as "Series XYZ" and "3," but it's actually the 2nd book in "Series XYZ." Would I mark that as "wrong series" then, even though the *series* is right, but the *number* is wrong?

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