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Fightin' Narwhals: A Storybook Ending

Treton College Fightin' Narwhals have truly put up the big fight this season, DOMINATING from tip of the horn to end of the tail throughout the 13 game season. If you tuned in on AADL TV, you watched in awe with host Walter Moore and his handsome and toothsome co-host John P. Walrus as the Narwhals went from underdogs in the VERY first game to victors in the final NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME in New Orleans! The Narwhals immediately led the season with their brutal defeat of Central Michigan. They kept this stamina up throughout the season, leading them all the way to the LAST game's triumph, straight out of a STORYBOOK ENDING! Get to know some of this story's main characters as we play through the highlights!

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FYI - For the 4th clue - "This is the one that he acquires unhatched from Professor Quirrell in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" - His pet and interaction with Professor Quirrell come from the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Do I search the name of the dragon? Or do I search the type? Both of them did not work in the catalog, please help!

If you're searching for the name in the hint that starts with "N", try searching for the OTHER "N" name Hagrid calls the dragon, not the kind of dragon it is. The name you're searching is 7 letters long!

I searched the given name in the catalog, and I put it under the format "downloads" but it won't show up in any of the first 30 results! Please help.


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