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Where can I get recommendations for new books or movies?

Mon, 10/12/2020 - 8:35pm by Staffsteph

When I’m asked to provide recommendations for a new book or movie I’m sometimes at a loss for what to suggest. I’m pretty good with Science Fiction and Fantasy, but even then my tastes for those genres might differ from yours. I often turn to the internet to get ideas of what to suggest. Here are a few of my favorite sites: - You can make an account to rate items and get better recommendations, but it’s not needed. This site offers recommendations for many things including books, movies, music and even videogames. You just type in a title or author you enjoy and it will spit out a bunch of books similar that you might also enjoy. It also has some genres on the left hand side that you can check to get more detailed suggestions. Did you really like “Seveneves” but right now you are looking for a Crime novel? Tastedive has you covered. Try “Lock in” by John Scalzi it says. - You can use limited functions of Goodreads without an account, but it does work best with an account (which is free). If you rate a certain number of books (I believe it’s 100), Goodreads will start recommending books to you. You can limit the suggestions to genre as well. You can also track what books you have read in goodreads and goodreads will start taking those into account when suggesting books to you. You can also search for a book and see similar titles by selecting the button on the right hand side of the page “See similar books..” (it’s a really small button). Goodreads recommends “The Three-Body Problem” if you enjoyed “Seveneves”. 

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