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Technically, You Started It

by eileenw

Cover art for Technically You Started ItDear epistolary novel, you’ve met your match in Technically, You Started It. This snarky, hilarious teen novel is told entirely in text messages. Sparking around a class project for AP History and a case of mistaken identity, the novel explores friendship, sexual orientation, and mental health. It revels in the quirky and unusual friendships and family ties held by the main characters. Where some readers may scratch their heads over the concept of a character discovering they are on the asexual spectrum and falling in love in the same novel, this #ownvoices debut by Lana Wood Johnson depicts a delightfully realistic depiction of teen demisexuality.

If a reader must occasionally suspend disbelief at the depth of communication in the all-text-message teenaged narrative, it’s the same manner in which viewers suspended disbelief that the Gilmore Girls constantly engaged in perfect, tight paragraphs of witty banter. Fans of one, should definitely consider picking up the other.

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